• Noctilucent Clouds

    13th of june 2019 Wateringskant a small neighborhood in the province of North Holland. 52°45'21.85"N 4°52'16.93"E

  • The Dumbbel Nebula

    Planetary Nebula, Messier 27, Constellation Vulpecula. 9 august 2016

  • Kembles Cascade

    An asterism in the constellation Camelopardalis forms an apparent straight line of colorfull stars.

  • Noctilucent Clouds


  • c2017s3

  • Cresent

  • Double Cluster East

    Open Cluster NGC 884, East part of Caldwel 14, Double Cluster NGC884/889 in Perseus.

  • NGC884

    NGC884. Foto: Theo Hoogerhuis